The Company

Haverhill Leach created the HAVERHILL brand in early 2013 with the idea of making modern, yet timeless, high quality fine jewelry that you can
throw on with any outfit and feel empowered and fabulous.

”I wanted to create something positive. Jewelry fits that bill: it makes people so happy. It represents love, it represents big moments in people’s lives. It’s very personal because you wear it so close to your body. I also love that women (and men) of every shape can proudly wear my jewelry so it’s positive all around."

Haverhill believes fine jewelry should be worn often and should last forever. This is accomplished through clean, simple design and superb quality.  Haverhill learned this from the four generations of jewelers (and style mavens) who came before her in her family.

The HAVERHILL Collection is hand crafted in premium sterling silver and 14 and 18 karat gold and natural gemstones.
We are proud that HAVERHILL jewelry is made in America.


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