5 Stone Birthstone Earrings 14k Gold - Moonstone (June)


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The 5 Stone Birthstone Earrings are hand crafted in solid 14k gold with 5 natural, 4mm Moonstone gemstones. Bezel set stud earring with dangling stones. 

These are the lightest, yet most playful earrings! 

Total length is 1 5/8".

We happily accept returns or exchanges for these 5 stone Birthstone Earrings.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Sold as a pair (2 earrings).

We are happy to add stones to your Birthstone Earrings at a later date for $85 for 2 Stones (one on each earring). This includes insured shipping both ways. 

Shown above: Personalized 5 Stone Birthstone Earrings in all Peridot, paired with a single Birthstone Stud in Moonstone.